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Thorough Home Inspections

A home is an investment. Before finalizing the transaction, ensure your dream home isn't full of nightmarish problems with thorough home inspections from Unique Home Inspections in Cerritos, California.
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Providing Peace of Mind

Don't let little problems, such as faulty wiring or an unsafe furnace go unnoticed when you purchase a new home. Instead, achieve peace of mind knowing exactly what you're buying when you turn to us for home inspections.

Our certified CREIA inspectors know the ins and outs of real estate, but also understands what it takes to make a home livable. In fact, we've flipped a large number of properties in the past, and we know what needs to be inspected, including:

• Electrical Components
• Roofs
• Kitchen Appliances
• Exterior & Retainer Walls
• Structural Supports
• AC Systems
• Plumbing Systems, including Water Heaters
• Spas

• Garage Heating Systems
• Interior Floors
• Windows
• Fireplaces
• Bathroom Spaces
• Attics & Crawl Spaces
• Pools
• Foundations

Experience Matters

When it comes to inspecting your home, you need a team of reliable certified CREIA inspectors on which you can count. That's not a problem when you turn to Unique Home Inspections for your inspection needs, as our certified professionals have worked in the industry for more than two decades.
Contact us to schedule your home inspection to ensure your home complies with California codes.